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Shrink packs

Skin-tight packs

In shrink packs, the product is vacuum-packed in a special film that is shrinkable. The shrink properties of the film are activated by brief contact with hot water. This shrinks the film and encloses the product skintight.


FormShrink® is a cost-effective and automated alternative to packaging with shrink bags. In the FormShrink® packaging procedure, thermoforming films with special shrink properties are used that are activated in a shrinking tunnel. The result: attractive packs which enclose the products like a second skin. The overhanging film trim that is familiar in conventional shrink packaging is minimised. The pack can also be equipped with an easy-open corner for simple and convenient opening.


The very efficient FormShrink® process can be used for all food items suitable for shrink packaging, such as fresh meat and meat preparations, poultry, cheese or convenience products. FormShrink® packaging can also be used as the transport packaging for pre-cuts.


With FormShrink®, each product is provided with individually customised packaging, regardless of its shape and size. An integrated shape cutter separates protruding films precisely and automatically. FormShrink® packaging can optionally be equipped with a tear flap, permitting the easy and controlled opening of the packaging. FormShrink® films are transparent and available in a wide range of standard colours, as well as with individual colouring. In this way, the various options in packaging design can even be implemented for shrink packaging. The perimeter sealing of a thermoforming packaging machine produces seal seams with special strength and durability. Accordingly, the packs provide increased safety during storage, transport and the entire logistics chain through to the final consumer. By filling the pack cavities from above as well as optional loading grids, the cleanliness of the seal seam, and thereby the quality of the seal seam is optimised.


By tailoring the pack shape to the product and using particularly thin FormShrink® films, the consumption of packaging materials can be reduced by up to 20%, compared to conventional shrink bags and by up to 50% compared to PVC tray packaging. The efficient thermoforming process with a high cycle output and the simple automation of the product infeed enables maximum output with consistently high packaging quality and precision. 

Packaging machines und packaging materials

FormShrink® packs can be produced with the R 155 thermoforming packaging machine, the R 255 thermoforming packaging machine, as well as the R 555 thermoforming packaging machine. 


For the production of FormShrink® packs, MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive range of films that are especially designed for the requirements of FormShrink® machines. The interaction of packaging machine, packaging material and shrinking unit creates shrink packaging automatically, reliably and with the highest output in groundbreaking quality. 


All FormShrink® films are produced by Krehalon Industrie B.V. and fulfil the generally applicable norms and standards.