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Skin Packaging

In vacuum skin packaging the product is placed on a base film or a pre-made tray. After evacuation, the tray or base film is sealed with a special skin film.

With MultiFreshTM, Isopak, SkinFOIL and tray skin Multivac offers a number of outstanding choices for vacuum skin packing (VSP).  

  • All types of food products:
    • Fresh and processed meat products
    • Cheese
    • Game and poultry
    • Fish and seafood
    • Snacks and ready meals
  • Industrial and consumer goods:
    • Ball bearings
    • Electrical components
    • Aeronautical components

  • Attractive presentation and maximum shelf life
  • Enables vertical and hanging presentation
  • The perfectly contoured upper film displays high-quality products to their best advantage 
  • Use of films with barrier properties extends the product shelf life and minimizes leakage
  • Easy opening options
  • Wide choice of packaging materials including glossy and metallized surfaces
  • Secures products in place

  • The product is placed on the bottom film or the pre-made tray
  • After evacuation the top film which has specific skinning properties wraps around the contours of the product and seals to the bottom film or the pre-made tray

    • MultiFreshTM:
      • The thermoformers specially optimized for this process: R 175, R 275 and R 575 MF
      • MultiFreshTM films
    • Isopak:
      • MULTIVAC thermoformers R 265 and R 565
      • Skin films suitable for Isopak
    • Skin packaging with traysealers:
      • MULTIVAC traysealers
      • Special skin films