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Tray Sealer T 850: fast and efficient

With the T 850, MULTIVAC brings the first twin-lane model of the new generation of tray sealers on to the market. 

Its capacity is between eighty and one hundred packs per minute. Due to its intuitive operation, its groundbreaking MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™, as well as its high degree of flexibility, the T 850 sets new standards for two-lane tray sealers. 

MULTIVAC's automatic tray sealers can easily be integrated into fully automatic packaging lines.

  • Full automatic functionality 
  • Twin lane operation
  • Electric drives
  • Space-saving design 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Hygienic design
  • Quick change tooling 
  • IPC06 programmable control system
  • On-screen instruction videos
  • Tool-free machine access

  • Superior hygienic design: The machine offers full wash-down capability, inside and out. Removable conveyor belts and space for cleaning allow all parts of the machine to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Maximum output and process reliability with minimized lifting, traversing and gripping movements and synchronized processes with innovative drive technology. This cuts cycle times and maximizes output.
  • User-friendly IPC control system for intuitive, menu-driven operation in 40 languages and with illustrations and video clips; help function for all processes; storage for up to 200 packaging programs for fully reproducible results.
  • Highly efficient: No more time-consuming program settings – simply enter a single value, e.g. the output rate you require, and the traysealer coordinates all process sequences, traversing and gripping movements accordingly.
  • Easy die change: A mobile die-changing trolley makes die changing effortless. Automatic locking of components and connection of supply lines.
  • Convenient film change with ergonomic design features, such as large openings, and guidance from the control system.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quick change tooling
  • Control unit IPC06, stores up to 200 programs, 40 menu languages, 
  • PIN protected control access
  • Basic outer tray tooling dimensions 1025 mm x 560 mm (then sub-divided)
  • Outside Cut 
  • Film trim rewinder 
  • Tool-free machine access 
  • Secured electrical cabinet 

  • MAP, Skin (VSP), SkinFOIL, Mirabella, Slicepack, FreshSAFE applications
  • Inside cut
  • Chip card (RFID) access
  • Vacuum pumps 400 m³/hr (Busch), 600 m³/hr (Busch), 630 m³/hr (Busch)
  • Tooling cart (optional tooling pre-heat)
  • Tooling storage rack
  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate guarding
  • De-nesting equipment
  • Range of conveyors
  • Print mark registration
  • Labelling and marking equipment

Basic format, flexible divisions:

Min. Tray width:

Max. Tray width:

1025 x 560 mm 

> 90 mm

< 230 mm

Max. tray height:

130 mm

Tray materials:

All sealable materials for trays and lidding film

Max. output* with basic 
format 1025 x 560 mm:

packs < 100

Machine frame width:

1499 mm including handle 


approx. 4420 mm

Height (machine only/with terminal):

approx. 1900 mm/approx. 2070 mm

* Output data are dependent on the product, tray and machine version, and on the tray feed