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Tray Sealer T 700: scalable and simple

The high-performance tray sealer T 700 is designed for industrial production. It automatically adjusts for the output you require and sets new standards with its reliability, efficiency and MULTIVAC Hygienic Design™.

  • Full automatic functionality 
  • Energy efficient electrical servo drives
  • Space-saving design 
  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Hygienic design
  • Quick change tooling 
  • IPC06 programmable control system
  • User-friendly graphical user surface
  • Tool-free machine access

  • Superior hygienic design: The machine offers full wash-down capability, inside and out. Removable conveyor belts and space for cleaning allow all parts of the machine to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Maximum output and process reliability with minimized lifting, traversing and gripping movements and synchronized processes with innovative drive technology. This cuts cycle times and maximizes output.
  • User-friendly IPC control system for intuitive, menu-driven operation in 40 languages and with illustrations and video clips; help function for all processes; storage for up to 200 packaging programs for fully reproducible results.
  • Highly efficient: No more time-consuming program settings – simply enter a single value, e.g. the output rate you require, and the traysealer coordinates all process sequences, traversing and gripping movements accordingly.
  • Easy die change: A mobile die-changing trolley makes die changing effortless. Automatic locking of components and connection of supply lines.
  • Convenient film change with ergonomic design features, such as large openings, and guidance from the control system.



  • Stainless steel construction 
  • Quick change tooling
  • Control unit IPC06, stores up to 200 programs, 400 menu languages
  • Basic outer tray tooling dimensions 690 mm x 340 mm (then sub-divided)
  • Film trim rewinder
  • Tool-free machine access
  • Secured electrical cabinet
  • PIN protected control access

  • MAP, Skin (VSP), SkinFOIL, Mirabella, Slicepack, FreshSAFE applications
  • Inside cut
  • Chip card (RFID) access
  • Vacuum pumps 160m3/hr (Busch), 300m3/hr (Busch), 600m3/hr (Duplex Busch/Rietschle)
  • Tooling cart (optional tooling pre-heat)
  • Tooling storage rack
  • Stainless steel or polycarbonate guarding
  • De-nesting equipment
  • Range of conveyors
  • Varios tooling dimensions 
  • Print mark registration
  • Labelling and marking equipment



Basic format, flexible divisions:

Max. tray height:

T 700:      690 x 340 mm
T 700S:    560 x 340 mm
T 700 XS: 515 x 275 mm 
110 mm

Tray materials:

All sealable materials for trays and lidding film

Machine frame width:

980 mm including handle 


approx. 3340 mm

Height (machine only/with terminal):

approx. 1675 mm/approx. 1910 mm

* Output data are dependent on the product, tray and machine version, and on the tray feed