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HPP: High Pressure Preservation

To offer HPP as an additional preservation technology to our customers, MULTIVAC has entered a strategic partnership with a specialist in high pressure solutions. 

The primary aim of treating foods with High Pressure Processing (HPP) is to reduce or eliminate the relevant foodborne microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf-life and enhancing the food safety. With HPP, food producers can meet the rising consumer demand for foods that are safe and nutritious, free from additives, good tasting and have a long shelf life. This gives customers extra convenience. Fresh and processed food or ready-to-eat meals with a superior quality can be stored and consumed over an extended period of time.

Each HPP system consists of one or more HPP vessels and a pressure intensifier system. For HPP, typical pressures up to 6000 bar (87000 psi) are used to destroy undesired spoilage microorganisms in foods, even at room temperature. By this processing technology, degradation of vitamins and flavor is reduced to a minimum. 

A fundamental advantage of HPP is that the high pressure is applied in an homogeneous manner over the entire product, unlike heat processing, where temperature gradients are unavoidable.

  • Increased product shelf life - even for food which is sensitive to heat
  • Low-temperature preservation method: no loss in product quality compared to heat pasteurization
  • Enhanced food safety due to inactivation of spoilage organisms and relevant foodborne pathogens
  • Processing in final consumer packaging is possible (no recontamination)
  • Additive-free preservation of food by using only pressure
  • Production of “natural”, safe value-added food with a superior quality
  • Homogenous effect of HPP: Results are independent of product size and geometry
  • Waste-free and environmentally friendly, sustainable technology – only water and electricity are needed

MULTIVAC HPP is suitable for modified atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packages. With 50 years experience in packaging, MULTIVAC has extended HPP in combination with MAP. 

Important issues for all HPP-packaging solutions are:

  • Overall HPP process control – MULTIVAC HPP (patents pending)
  • Package design, geometry and format
  • Packaging films and film laminate structure
  • Type and formulation of product

Fully automated and integrated HPP packaging lines

  • MULTIVAC offers efficient, fully automated and integrated production lines for maximum throughput
  • Continuous production flow
  • All necessary modules integrable, e.g. loading and unloading robot, inspection, labeling, weighing, metal detector, cartoner, etc.
  • Higher filling degree by optimized automated loading patterns
  • Savings in personnel costs

Turn-key solutions from MULTIVAC

  • Shortens reaction times and enhances information flow
  • Optimized integration of all line modules
  • High throughput with balanced performance for better durability

Integrated MULTIVAC quality control and inspection systems:

  • For absolute product and process safety

Highest safety standards and ASME/ISO certification for HPP

  • MULTIVAC and Uhde High Pressure Technologies (HPT) are able to respond to all demands of our customers on an international level

Mono Process

HPP 055
Vessel volume:                    55 L
Maximum pressure:             6000 bar (87000 psi)
HPP System dimension
approx. (LxW):                     8,5 x 3,0 m
System weight approx. (t.): 17
Max. treatable volume:        <240 liter/h
(typical filling degree)           (35 - 60%)
Cycle time:                           7,0 - 8,5 min

HPP 160 
Vessel volume:                    160 L
Maximum pressure:             6000 bar (87000 psi)
HPP System dimension 
approx. (LxW):                     7,0 x 6,0 m
System weight approx. (t.): 45
Max. treatable volume:        <1000 liter/h
(typical filling degree)           (60 - 80%)
Cycle time:                            7,3 - 8,3 min

HPP 350
Vessel volume:                     350 L
Maximum pressure:              6000 bar (87000 psi)
HPP System dimension 
approx. (LxW):                     15,0 x 6,0 m
System weight approx. (t.):  55
Max. treatable volume:        <1,900 liter/h
(typical filling degree)           (60 - 80%)
Cycle time:                            7,0 - 9,0 min 

Tandem Process

HPP 700
Vessel volume:                      2x 350 L
Maximum pressure:               6000 bar (87000 psi)
HPP System dimension 
approx. (LxW):                      15,0 x 13,0 m
System weight approx. (t.):  100
Max. treatable volume:         <5,000 liter/h
(typical filling degree)            (60 - 80%)
Cycle time:                             3,3 - 4,5 min