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Chamber Machine C 500

The mid-range C 500 double chamber swing-lid machine has two chambers and four sealing bars. Some of the most popular applications include meat primals, cheese blocks and bulk packaging. A range of options, including three different pump capacities allow you to customize the machine according to your needs.


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Powerful pump
  • Filler plates 
  • Microprocessor control
  • Automatic progressive ventilation
  • Vacuum "quick-stop"
  • Efficient operation: one chamber creates a vacuum and seals while the other can be filled at the same time

  • Precision: accurate setting of desired sealing time
  • Consistency: settings can be stored as a recipe ensuring reliable results every time
  • Ease of use: intuitive, one-touch functionality for operation and saving recipes, glass viewing window for accurate monitoring of the evacuation process
  • Controllability: automatic progressive ventilation (allowing gentle packaging of softer, liquid or more delicate products), vacuum quick-stop, and clean double-seam sever-sealing
  • Reliability: German engineering, heavy-duty construction, high quality components and vacuum pumps guarantee excellent value for money with many years of productive use
  • Simple to clean: hygienic design with removable seal bars and filler plates; no corners, edges or areas for contaminants to collect
  • Flexibility: pack a variety of products in a range of bags and pouch sizes
  • Easy to service: Simple to access serviceable components for routine maintenance
  • Capacity: increased throughput with swing lid operation speeding up the production process

  • Stainless steel chamber housing
  • Stainless steel lid height: 200 mm
  • 2 x 650 mm sealing bars in each chamber
  • Double seam sever-sealing at bottom (1 x 3 mm, 1 x 1 mm)
  • Compressed air support for sealing
  • Insert plates for sealing height adjustment
  • Control unit: MC 06, stores up to 29 programs, 18 menu languages

  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging system
  • Optional lid viewing window (200 mm height only)
  • Alternative chamber height: 250 mm
  • Filler plates for lid
  • Pouch hold-down device
  • Single sealing from top (1 x 6 mm)
  • Double-seam sealing at top (2 x 3 mm)
  • Water cooled sealing bars
  • Stainless steel tilted insert for liquid products
  • Vacuum Throttle
  • Vacuum pumps: 100 m³/h (Busch), 150 m³ (Rietschle), 160 m³/h (Busch),  180 m³/h (Rietschle), 250 m³/h (Busch), 300 m³/h (Busch/Rietschle)
  • External glass pot separator with drain for liquid or very wet products

Machine width:

1600 mm

Machine depth:

1050 mm

Chamber height:

200 mm (250 mm option)

Sealing bar length:

2 x 650 mm / chamber

Distance between sealing bars:

745 mm

Power supply:

3 x 400V 50Hz, 3 x 220V 60Hz


approx. 650 kg