MULTIVAC Thermoformers

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MULTIVAC is the global leader in horizontal thermoform fill-seal packaging machinery. Our thermoforming machines package a wide range of products efficiently and cost-effectively, including food products, industrial and consumer goods, medical and pharmaceutical products.


MULTIVAC Portion Pack System

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Benefit from the MULTIVAC automated production of portion packs. Maximum output with 960 packs/min and lower web unwind due to controlled film guidance. High efficiency because of fast and exact filling of cavities. Process reliability garanteed by visual inspection of cavaties and sealing seams.


Tray Sealer

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MULTIVAC tray sealers produce high-quality packaging using premade trays for a wide variety of products from the food, medical and consumer goods industries. Our tray sealers are extremely versatile, simple to operate and can accomodate all types of trays and sealing films.


HPP - High Pressure Processing

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The primary aim of treating foods with High Pressure Processing (HPP) is to reduce or eliminate the relevant foodborne microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf-life and enhancing the food safety.



Drinking water to go: MULTIVAC presents a solution for packing portioned drinks

24.11.2014 Wolfertschwenden, 24.11.2014 – For the first time MULTIVAC is presenting a packaging solution for filling water beakers. The R 900 was designed for the portion packing of drinking water, and it produces up to 160 beakers per minute. Issuing ready-filled beakers speeds up the work of cabin personnel for example in an aircraft, and it also reduces the amount of...

MPS 302 pack stacker provides significantly higher efficiency when loading into boxes

18.11.2014 Wolfertschwenden, 18/11/2014 – With the MPS 302 model, MULTI-VAC has launched onto the market an automatic pack stacker which significantly simplifies and accelerates the loading of thermoformed packs and trays into boxes. The MPS 302 stacks the packs on top of each other in a defined way at the end of the pack-aging line. The stacks can then be loaded into the...

Packaging solutions for a flexible and reliable packaging procedure

21.10.2014 Wolfertschwenden, 21.10.2014 – In Hall 08a (H01) at COMPAMED, which takes place in Düsseldorf from 12 to 14 November, MULTIVAC will be showing solutions for the automated and GMP-compliant packaging of sterile products and other medical items. The strength of the company is based on more than 40 years of worldwide experience and cooperation with the medical...

Product range and sales network continue to expand

16.05.2014 Wolfertschwenden, Düsseldorf, 14th May 2014 - MULTIVAC continues on its path of growth and success. This was the message from Hans-Joachim Boekstegers, CEO of MULTIVAC, to a large number of journalists from home and abroad during interpack in Düsseldorf. The pillars of its success include its strength of innovation, its regional roots in the local economy of...

Packaging Systems

Packaging Systems
MULTIVAC offers a comprehensive selection of packaging systems for food, medical and pharmaceutical, consumer and industrial products. These packaging systems include:

Packaging Solutions

Packaging Solutions
MULTIVAC is uniquely positioned to offer you a wide range of choices for the packaging of your food, medical, consumer and industrial products.

Vacancies at MULTIVAC

Automation Systems Product Manager – SAG Team

To provide solutions to our Customers’ packaging automation needs/demands and extend our sales to existing and new customers. Synergistically support MUUS Technical Operations in providing solutions to Customers’ automation needs, involving MULTIVAC Automations Group and third party suppliers, when necessary, to complement MULTIVAC’s packaging capabilities, while helping to avoid taking on unacceptable commercial risk. Provide Automation Project Management services to customers wishing to out-source such efforts. Train and provide guidance to the sales team for the qualifying of Systems business opportunities.

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